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How to choose qualified fireproof cloth correctly

Fireproof cloth is a kind of cloth made of non combustible materials, which is specially used for fire prevention and flame retardant special work. Different application scenarios have different requirements for fireproof cloth. Do you know how to choose the appropriate fireproof cloth? When selecting products, you need to buy according to your own application purpose.

If it is to cover up objects and mechanical equipment, it is suggested to select soft and tenacious fire-resistant cloth, such cloth has more obvious fire-retardant effect; the better fire function is the material with multi-layer composite fire blanket, which can enhance the function of fire prevention, and is also a good choice.
When using fire-proof cloth, you should first notice that although all of them are fire-retardant cloth, the types and specifications of such materials are different, and the corresponding application occasions are different. When purchasing, you should select the corresponding cloth according to the application demand.
To make the function of fire-retardant cloth play a better role, you should do a good job of sealing, otherwise the function of the flame retardant cloth can not be played out; in addition, the fire protection and sound absorption of double-layer fire-retardant cloth is better, and the matching effect can be avoided. The cavity can achieve the effect of tension spring and achieve better effect.
Above is how to select qualified fire-proof cloth method, you can operate according to their own situation, hope to see this article can help you.