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What are the advantages of silicone cloth

Silicone tape is a kind of acid and alkali resistant and wear-resistant products, often used in chemical plants and refineries and other industries, is a product that can withstand high pressure. So, what are the good performance advantages of this product?
The rubber tube made of cloth silicone has the advantages of long service life and high pressure, which can withstand the pressure of 1mpa-10mpa, 3-5 times longer than the ordinary high pressure rubber tube, and has obvious environmental protection advantages.
Silicone rubber cloth is made of glass fiber cloth as base cloth, which is produced by coating or calendering. It is made of glass fiber cloth with high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and high strength, which is calendered or impregnated by silicone rubber. It is a new composite material product with high performance and multi-purpose. It can be used at low temperature - 70 ℃ to high temperature 230 ℃. Red double-sided silicone tape, red double-sided silicone tape, resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and climate aging, good weather resistance for field use, life up to 10 years.
It has high insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage, good flexibility, high surface friction and good elasticity. Chemical resistance. Main purpose: Electrical Insulation: silicone cloth has higher electrical insulation grade, can withstand high voltage load, can be made into insulating cloth, bushing and other products. Non metallic compensator: silicone tape can be used as flexible connection device of pipeline, and silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structure material can be used as base material of flexible expansion joint.
The above is the main content of which good performance advantages silicone cloth has.