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Fireproof Blanket series is mainly made of fireproof and non combustible fiber and processed by special process. Main features: incombustible, high temperature resistant (550 ~ 1100 ℃), compact structure, no irritation, soft and tough texture, easy to wrap uneven surface objects and equipment. The fireproof blanket can protect the object away from the hot spot and spark area, and completely prevent or isolate the combustion. It has excellent characteristics of 550 ℃ temperature resistance of glass fiber and 260 ℃ temperature resistance of silica gel coating,
Product application
Family kitchens, rooms for the elderly, school dormitories, hospital wards, entertainment places, hotels, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, Yi
Nursing homes, child welfare homes, residential communities, factory dormitories, shopping malls, Internet cafes, cars, gas stations, temples
Temples, prisons and other densely populated places.