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The cloth materials used in the fireproof battery protection bag are silicone rubber, glass fiber cloth, aluminum film, etc.
Fireproof and waterproof - made of silicone coated flame retardant glass fiber cloth shell and aluminum film cloth interior, can withstand up to 1000 ° C (about 1832 ° F) So you can keep all your valuables 100% safe. Heat insulation and high temperature resistance - and provide high temperature resistant cloth at various temperatures, such as vermiculite cloth, high silica cloth, stainless steel wire reinforced glass fiber cloth, etc. Wear resistant - fireproof cloth is made of high quality glass fiber. The weaving technology is rigorous and mature, and has many years of rich experience in coating technology, which can ensure the high wear resistance and long service life of fireproof cloth.

Used for fireproof and heat insulation bags of bills, bonds, certificates, cash, currency, important documents, valuables, lithium batteries, etc.