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The glass fiber cloth is used as the base material, which is embedded with stainless steel wire. Some steel wire cloth is coated with silicone rubber coating, polyurethane coating, graphite coating, vermiculite coating, etc. it is made of high-temperature fire-resistant fiber cloth, composite non-toxic high-temperature adhesive and titanium powder hot pressing. These coatings are designed to enhance the strength of the fireproof cloth, making it more fire-resistant, tear resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. According to the different use environment, you can choose the glass fiber reinforced steel wire cloth without any coating, or you can choose the steel wire cloth with coating, and these anzhidun can meet your needs. Anzhidun's glass fiber reinforced steel wire cloth has the following characteristics: good fire resistance and heat insulation performance. Good chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance and waterproof. Aging resistance, excellent outdoor performance, life up to 10 years. High strength, puncture resistant, tear resistant. Excellent flame retardancy, flame retardant. No skin irritation, no hand pricking.

Smoke curtain, fire curtain, fire blanket, welding blanket, fire blanket, fire board, fire bag  .  Flexible connection metal skin, flexible expansion joint and compensator. Thermal protective cloth, thermal insulation material for kiln industry. Insulation jacket and insulation pad. Internal and external anticorrosive coating of pipeline insulation. Other fire insulation system. High temperature conveyor belt